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Play baloot online now at VIP Baloot! One of the best free card games out there! Discover a fun, friendly and strategic multiplayer game. It is currently the most popular in MENA card game which is played with 32 cards.

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VIP Baloot is a free internet game - easy to understand but hard to master! Play now on your Android, iOS, Windows Phone or in your browser! It is a very fast and responsive online card game, with modern animations for a realistic gameplay. The complete experience is underlined by HD graphics, stylish design and numerous cool features.

Benefits Of VIP Baloot:

  • Free high quality multiplayer Baloot.

  • Play with everyone on our cross-platform online card game. Available for WEB, Facebook, all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows) and Smart TV alike.

Key features of the game

  • Play VIP Baloot everywhere - meet new people and send them gifts or simply chat with friends.

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  • Entertaining gameplay and easy to remember rules, yet challenging experience!

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  • Strong social element integrated in the game!

  • Ability to reconnect to a live game if there were any connection problems!

  • Clever card game artificial intelligence to replace a disconnected player.

  • Penalties when you leave a game to encourage fair play!

Real Social Aspect

  • Meet new people, easy dating functionality!

  • Chat online with friends or send them private messages!

  • Give and receive various gifts!

  • Get likes from other players!

  • Personalise your own image gallery!

  • Players from all over the world.

No Skill Limitations

We have built a flexible and fair matchmaking system in every skill room. VIP Baloot features different tables for different skill levels. We are proud to offer a unique experience to professional players and newbies alike. You can join a training room to better your skills. When you feel you are ready - join the “advanced” Lounge. Climb your way to the top of the ladder and be the best player on our weekly leaderboards!

Friendly, Growing Community

If you want to improve your skills or simply share your strategy - visit our global feed or post on the official VIP Baloot social media pages. We are constantly producing training videos, tutorials and strategy guides over at our Youtube channel as well as written explanations, funny situations, quizzes and news on our official blog!

Around The World

The original game has many names in various countries, the rules are similar but the love for the game is the same. Here is a short list of most popular variations: Arabic countries - Baloot | Armenia - Blot | Bulgaria - Belot | Croatia - Bela | Cyprus - Pilota | Germany - Klammern | Greece - Vida | Jewish communities - Clobyosh | Macedonia - Belyot | Moldova - Bilot | Netherlands - Klaverjassen;

Quick Introduction:

Four players in two teams play with a deck of 32 cards (7,8,9,10,J,K,Q,A). Every player receives eight cards in total. Initially a player is dealt 5 cards with one card faced up during the bidding phase. The biddings are made in two rounds. During the first round each player must either pass or accept the face up card.

Doing so will set the cards of the same suit than the face up card as trump. If every player passed, another round is made where every player can bid for trump suit from his hand. If every player passes the second round, the cards are dealt again. The goal of the game is to gather team points for every trick until a certain score is reached. The first team to reach the score goal wins the game.

Additional points are awarded if you successfully play a queen and a king of the trump suit in the same trick. For more information and in-depth explanation of the rules, visit our official Rules Page.

Constant Improvements

VIP Baloot continues to evolve! Monthly releases and content patches will continue to surprise you and improve the quality of the game. Get the latest news - follow us on our social and community pages! There you will be able to read about the latest changes, current and upcoming promotions and planned features. If you have any questions or suggestions for, contact us at:


If you encounter any problems while playing VIP Baloot or have questions regarding the game, please take a look at the FAQ section of our site. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.